Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Baby G & me..

I persisted with breastfeeding Baby G, and over the past 7 days I am delighted to say that I have lost 3lbs and he has gained 11oz which is amazing! I was so delighted that Baby G has made such a good gain as I was contemplating giving up breast feeding altogether. I have made sure that each day I try to express atleast one bottle of milk so Mr G can feed Baby G. This way I get a little rest, as well as having a monitor of how much milk he is taking in. I now feel less guilty for consuming approximately a kilo of chocolate over the last few days as clearly it has been doing neither of us any harm!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sugar-Free Sweeties from the Sweet Junkie!

As I'm sure I have already mentioned I have a very sweet tooth which is a problem while I'm trying to get fit! I contemplated sugar free sweets, but to be honest the thought of them didn't appeal as surely they would just taste horrid? When i saw a tweet from SweetJunkie asking for people to try their range of sugar-free sweets I decided I should volunteer!

 My parcel arrived and i was delighted to see I had a selection of: Sugarfree Sherbert OrangesSugarFree Rhubard & CustardSugarfree Barley Sugar, Sugarfree Oranges & Lemons and SugarFree Cough sweets.

I am a huge fan of sherbert lemons, so was very excited to try the Sherbert Oranges! They did not disappoint, with a sweetness you would not believe could exist in any sugarfree product, followed by a strong tangy fizz of sherbert in the centre - and plenty of it, these are fabulous!

The sugar free Rhubarb & custard looked fantastic, but I found they suffered from a slight after taste which I did not enjoy.

Sugar free oranges and lemons were very fruity and i enjoyed these alot, quite small but ideal when you want a quick sweet but haven't the time to manage an entire boiled sweet!

Sugar free cough sweets, I was apprehensive of these as I had visions of them being like those herbal throat lozengers which more or less make your head explode! But how wrong i was! These are suprisingly yummy, ignore the fact they are rather ugly and enjoy the fantastic aniseed twang which left me wanting more - one just wasn't enough, and no i wouldn't share!

Sugar Free Barley sugar, these were without doubt my favourite, and tasted slightly better than the last barley sugar i ate! Really sweet with no indication that these are 'sugar free' I would definetly buy these - and they even look like authentic barley sugar twists so no-one need know they're sugar free!

I am converted, sugar-free can be tasty too!  SweetJunkie sells a wide range of sugarfree sweets alongside their vast sweets range, and for anyone who loves their sweeties it is well worth a little look!