Friday, 25 March 2011

The conveyor belt of baby clinic..

I believe there is an awful lot of pressure placed on Mummy to Breastfeed, when you're sitting waiting for your scan there are posters of happy Mummy's with pert breasts and a distinct lack of stretch marks feeding their new baby. No one really ever explains that it takes 6weeks for your milk to settle down, or that if the baby doesn't latch on properly you will be in agony! But perhaps the most difficult part for me as a breastfeeding Mummy, is the way some health care professionals begin to treat me as purely Baby G's source of food and throw advice at me with little or no continuity.  I wonder how many other Mummy's actually get put off breast feeding by this? Let me explain...

Baby G is 10weeks old, and I am incredibly proud to be breastfeeding him, I have such a strong bond with him and in honesty I find feeding very relaxing. I really believe breastfeeding is a good thing for Mummy - if she can do it. When I had Boo in 2008, no matter how hard i tried, breastfeeding just didn't work, he was permenantly hungry and i was in tears. I stopped breast feeding when we realised my milk supply was simply not keeping up with demand - despite having tried various things to increase supply including medication. I remember being looked at in disgust by the health visitor when I told her he was formula fed, and I felt guilty everytime I visited friends with babies and Boo was the only one not breastfed. So breast feeding Baby G, was really important to me from the start. 

Recently, Baby G has started to create his own weight gain line, not following a percentile - infact he has 'dropped' percentiles although he is still gaining weight. As Baby G's 'source of food' I have been instructed to: 'deal with my baby weight',  'not to diet', 'eat loads of dairy', 'eat loads of carbs',  'do not eat dairy', 'get lots of sleep', 'make sure you feed him when he is hungry',  'do not supplement with formula', 'supplement with formula'.......and finally....''re his Mummy, do what feels right to you' The finally bit of advice spoken by a healthcare professional when I was crying my eyes out in the midst of a baby clinic and explaining I felt like a total failure after being informed last week that the minimal weight gain was due to me..... Now, obviously I see what the woman who said that was getting at, but there are better ways to get the message across! All the "advice" I've been given has been contradictory and confusing at best, and I have until now been unable to convince anyone that there is a need to have some continuity in both the midwife you see while pregnant and the health visitors you see when your bundle of joy arrives.

The system for us doesn't seem to work, you never see the same health visitor, are in a room with all the other Mums and Babies and expected to talk openly about whatever is bothering you infont of them and no option to even make an apointment to speak privately. I saw one Mother even more distressed than me as she tried to explain her problem. I'm sure this is perfect for many, and certainly works adequately for my friend and her 7month old, but when a Mummy is struggling in whatever way, there is little opportnity to express concerns on the conveyer belt of baby clinic. 

After my episode bawling in baby clinic, I have persuaded the team I need some continuity and will be seeing the same health visitor next week, I'm sure they think I'm having a breakdown. Infact all I want is some continuity and clear advice to do the best for my baby, which is surely the only thing any Mummy wants. 

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Stepping half stones...

I realised I haven't updated you all on my fitness plan.. To be honest, I have not been keeping up with my plan, I have only managed one session in the last ten days...oops.. 

On the plus side, I have been ensuring I am eating really well adding masses of vegetables to every meal and this seems to be paying off as when I was weighed yesterday...I have lost 7lbs in two weeks! 

So with the sun shining and the knowledge that summer is truly on its way, I feel inspired to ensure I stick with my initial plan and even if it is just a gentle jog around the park I shall actually get out and about and try to re associate myself with my long lost toned tummy!