Saturday, 5 March 2011

Adventures in losing the baby weight.

I'm grabbing the bull by the horns, Baby G is 7 weeks old, and I'm fed up with having to wear my tracksuit everywhere. I have no intention of starving myself, firstly I love food far too much and secondly Baby G is being breast fed. In honesty my main incentives are nothing to do with vanity, they are the realisation that I am no longer very fit - ( I get out of breath running to the kitchen..) and family health issues which make me think I really do need to sort this out! While I don't look fat as I'm almost 6ft tall (no really, I am) I am more than aware that my BMI is creeping towards the big '30' and I'd rather deal with this right now!

Enough justifying my actions, and now to lay down my plans in writing so I can't change my mind and deny any knowledge of plans to get fit! 

Until I met Mr G, I was physically quite fit, I have never had any speed but always had endurance, now have neither (unless we count chasing a 2year old around the supermarket while shouting 'No! Mummy does not need 12 bottles of bubble bath...') So, I am going to exercise 3times a week and set myself goals - the first one being to actually do it. Like many of my friends who are Mummy's, I have often made excuses as to why I can't exercise 'I haven't got the time' 'No babysitter' 'The house needs cleaning' (you catch my drift?) so I'm aiming to involve Boo and Baby G as much as I can, as well as keep one of my three as Mummy time.

I started yesterday, getting out in the winter sunshine and taking a walk, Mr G had the day off which made it an ideal opportunity to explore the countryside and get Mummy walking! Having wrapped ourselves up, put Baby G in the baby carrier, and ensured we all had wellies on (it may be sunny but it is still muddy!) we set off. Boo loved it, and we found ourselves jumping in puddles, laying on the ground to closely inspect caterpillars and searching for the lost tractors whose tracks we found on the bridleway. When we got home we checked the app on Mr G's iphone to see how far we'd walked and were suprised we had walked really hadn't felt that far! So I'm inspired that I can do this!

I will be blogging my efforts (and failures!) and hope to include some relevant reviews of products too, watch this space..... Any comments welcomed! Mrs G xx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Love2Read - Personalised Books for children!

Boo is 30months old, and he is book crazy! It doesn't matter where we are, or what we are doing, he wants a book to look at! I'm thrilled as from a young age I enjoyed books, where as Mr Goriami does not feel so spassionate towards reading as I do and will avoid reading to Boo unless it is a family activity.
When I saw love2read asking for parents to review a book, I couldn't resist investigating, and when I realised these were rather special books I had to say "Yes Please!!"

The books are special as you use your own photos to create the book, and then insert language which is appropriate for your child's ability. There are a number of titles including 'My Mum' and 'Things I love' as well as the option to choose your title. I chose the title 'I Love..' as it was a nice way to combine all the bits and bobs which Boo loves. You have to select 9 photos, and this was harder than I had anticipated, but eventually I selected photos of Boo with Mr G, Baby G, myself, and a couple of others representing his love for diggers and the beach. As Boo cannot read, i kept to straight forward phrases e.g. 'I Love Mummy' - (the words 'I love..' are already input and you just add the subsequent text).

The book arrived very quickly, and I received a delightful email informing me when it was on its way. It was an instant hit with Boo and Mr G, Boo loved being able to spot things he recognised and it encouraged him to talk about the book. Mr G enjoyed sharing the book with Boo, and I think this will help him read to Boo more now he has seen a positive reaction from a book! The photos had printed very clearly, I was impressed with how well some had printed, and the paper is good quality. Priced at £14.99 the book does seem a little pricey, but each book is totally unique to you and they are a wonderful keepsake so I think they are worth it, and would certainly consider buying a gift voucher so that friends could enjoy creating their own!