Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love shoes? Love www.cloggs.co.uk

Five weeks post giving birth,  I reluctantly have come to realise that my jeans don't quite fit, and baby really doesn't need anymore baby-gros! So what on earth can satisfy my urge to shop?? What can single handedly transform me from slummy to YUMMY Mummy? SHOES!! SHOES!! SHOES!!! Who doesn't love shoes?!

cloggs.co.uk provide the perfect solution to my shoe shopping requirements, they have the most on trend styles and they deliver them to my door! With free delivery and free returns why venture to the high street when you can shop from the comfort of your own home!

I really enjoy shoes, and love them to express a bit of my personality. I tend to find by choosing shoes which do reflect my personality I feel more confident and love them just a little bit more! This is why I'm a huge fan of Irregular Choice whose shoes really shout out to you! I love the less conventional use of colours and textures, the way they blend smooth with rough and don't conform, they aren't just shoes they are works of art! I shall compare them to designers shoes, at a fraction of the cost but with all the compliments! I dare you to wear a pair on a night out and see what lovely compliments you receive! I adore these kitsch style heels, they're so feminine and with extraordinarily beautiful detail! Even the soles are prettily printed with an Alice in Wonderland Style print! Irregular choice tend to have man made uppers, which may be a consideration for some!

 Another of my favourite brands is Fly London they do some amazing designs, and are ridiculously comfy to wear! They use mainly leather for the uppers, this is very soft leather, but in my experience wears very well. The other nice thing about Fly is they do some really funky styles for men, Mr Goriami is particularly keen on these Boots as he feels they are trendy without being too run of the mill!

For those of us worrying about baby weight do remember that Cloggs do sell FitFlops in a number of styles, including a really warm comfy pair of Ugg style boots enabling you to stay on trend while toning those muscles, so no excuse not to want to tone up with those really!

With the decline of the high street shoe shop, it is increasingly harder to find the brands you want without venturing into the city, so shopping with Cloggs, gives you the choice of a wide variety of shoes for every occasion, whether you're a Mummy, Daddy, student or fashionista! Have I mentioned they do kids shoes to?!

Of course I have only named a few brands which Cloggs sell, you need to sit down and enjoy having a look around the site to really appreciate what is on offer, oh and remember..it is free delivery!

Remember Cloggs are on twitter and facebook, and they respond to emails very fast too!