Monday, 24 January 2011

The arrival of Baby Goriami and a positive birthing experience!

When my first son was born in 2008, the birth was to say the least a bit of a horror story. By no means was it the fault of the midwives, but more the over stretched facilities and lack of staff. Imagine being terrified of hospitals, booked in to be induced, being told you are already in the latent phase of labour and then being abandoned for 13hrs while they try to find you a bed - when you finally get taken through to your delivery suite there is no bed..and then the fun really began.. I swore i would never do it again, as I was terrified and really quite traumatised by the experience. So as you can imagine, when Baby Goriami was slightly overdue i started to panic, as i had visions of the same nightmare re-occuring. 
When i started to feel contractions on 10.01.11, i was elated as atleast he was coming of his own free will! I sat it out until 4.30am on 11.01.11 and decided it was time to go to the hospital as the contractions were getting very regular and strong! Arriving at the hospital at 5.30am I made sure I explained that i was very anxious, and also made it clear what i really didn't want and what i did - "a water birth if at all possible - please!!" To my amazement, i was able to have a waterbirth, our hospital only has one birthing pool and I had never known of anyone who had managed to get a water birth! My spirits lifted slightly, and i concentrated on breathing through my contractions (counting to ten and back again very slowly..with the odd moment of imagining i was running along a beach seemed to help?!), explaining i didn't want gas and air until I couldn't concentrate on breathing anymore!
When i got into the birthing pool, it was noticeable how much the water seemed to ease the contractions, I was really relaxed! Relaxation was aided hugely by my ipod which i had stuck on play (O/H has no idea how to work it!) on shuffle, and there was an embarrasing variety of tunes playing - from some Ibiza Chill Out Tunes, Mozart, and possibly the funniest..Robbie WIlliams 'Rude Box' Between contractions, I was able to chat quite happily to the midwife about what we'd done at Christmas etc and in honesty at certain points I forgot I was in labour!
Baby Goriami arrived at 8.15am, and i needed no stitches, not one!!! Hoorah! I was so delighted I could have kissed the midwife! Baby G, was reluctant to breast feed, and I was worried that I may have problems, but with some persistance he finally latched on and I tucked in to hospital breakfast and a huge cup of tea - it's amazing how good a cup of tea tastes when you have just given birth!