Friday, 28 October 2011

Why I won't be shopping at Ocado this Christmas

Isn't it funny how a company which prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service can actually deliver the exact opposite? I signed up to a delivery pass with Ocado as I had been initially impressed with the service I received, and all was going well until last week. 

Last week I placed an order to be delivered on Tuesday evening, it arrived on time and I started to unpack it..immediately I realised there was a problem with the order as the Aptimil powder was soaking was all the dry food. I called the number, and an apologetic lady dealt refunded replaced and recharged me as they would redeliver the next day and a £10 voucher for goodwill. So far so good..

So, Wednesday evening the shopping turns up and I halt the delivery driver while I check the shopping - conscious of the previous delivery being soaking wet..Guess what?? Yes! It was wet again....

So back on the telephone, yet more expense thanks to their lovely 0845 number. Randomly I got the same lady on the telephone, who was very apologetic and asked a supervisor what she should do under the circumstances. They told me that as it was a bit of a sorry saga they would cancel the bill for the order I had received allowing me to keep any items which weren't water damaged and issue me a £20 voucher. I noticed at this point that they had tried to charge an account which I currently had no funds in, so specifically asked if they would like an alternative payment method - the reply was 'No we're not charging you' so I was reasonably appeased, although rightfully disappointed.

As a result I had to go to Sainsburys to collect all the bits which were water damaged. So although I now had a £10 voucher and a £20 voucher (N.B these can't be used together..) I still had to physically drive into town with two small children in tow to go to the supermarket - exactly what I had been trying to avoid.

Tonight I thought I would place another order with Ocado, to be delivered next week. I then discover I am unable to place an order as I have a 'FAILED PAYMENT' I am slightly horrified by this, what have I failed to pay?! I then realise it is the order which they told me I wouldn't have to pay for.. so I call Ocado to resolve the situation. Please bear in mind that on Monday I am meant to be able to do my online shop with them for Xmas..Min order £90...and our shop would be nearer £200.

I wait on hold for 26minutes (yet more pennies for the telephone bill..) to be told that yes, this is an error but they can't do anything until 'Finance' open on Monday and 'look into it'. I reply, well is that it?? I'm thinking could you at least apologise or allow me to speak with a supervisor - there must be some way I can place my order even if I can't have it delivered until after Monday..but

So, here I am paying for a delivery pass which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I don't want vouchers Ocado, I want an apology, I want you to understand that a Mother wants her shopping delivered so she doesn't have to go dragging children around the supermarket, otherwise the whole point of your service is non-existent. Is this Goodbye from me Ocado, or will you redeem yourself with a response??


  1. That's a bad show indeed. Ocado are meant to be a name associated with quality and not uselessness.

    I'd be peeved too my dear, I hope you get some sort of apology from them - at the least.

    How about lots of free cake and some for me too ;)

  2. Thanks for the heads up, certainly will not use them in the future. Hope you get it all sorted.

  3. Ocado are meant to be one of the more reliable services so I'm disappointed to hear they're not living up to their expectations. I can't believe they don't have anyone you could speak to over a weekend too! People do shop at weekends FFS! Not good at all. I'd definitely complain very loudly if I were you. x @Chaoskay

  4. Oh dear. I've had bad dealings with Ocado too. Hope it gets sorted for you.
    ps visiting via BYOBH

  5. I've used Tesco a lot in the past and they are awful, I did a blog post here

    They just don't seem to give a stuff.

  6. I just had a nightmare with them too... In the end got £20 in my account instead of vouchers. I wonder if it was the same lady who spoke to you, she was very good at pretending to be shocked at the service I'd received ha ha! x

  7. Not good. Not good at all.

    How on earth did all your stuff get wet in the first place?

    Never mind vouchers! It's all very well issuing vouchers to try and appease people, but all it does is force you to continue to shop with them.

    Hope they sort it out x

  8. Oh dear!

    Hope it all gets sorted x