Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Learning Right from Wrong..

I'm angry. I've just learnt that person who drove her car through a family members wall, was 15. Luckily for her, she is absolutely fine. Unluckily for the person whose wall she drove through, they've just had to claim on their insurance to pay out thousands to get the repairs to not just the wall she hit, but the overall structural damage she caused to the property. Did I mention I was angry?

Why am I angry? well, bluntly I'm angry that she's not being prosecuted. The attitude is she didn't actually hurt anyone. There is a sense of let's brush it under the carpet and ignore the bill she caused in the ambulance, fire service and police attendance.. Ignoring what might have happened had someone been sat behind the wall at the time of impact, or if the car had veered slightly further... How will she learn right from wrong if she doesn't have any form of repercussions from the incident? I'm not asking that she gets sent to jail, but seriously...nothing at all?!! Not even an apology.

Is it just me that thinks this is wrong?! If either of my children ever did anything like that, I would be devastated. The girl comes from a good family, they live in a nice area, she was just 'bored' so took the car for a 'laugh' - their words not mine. I would think I had failed as a parent in teaching my children right from wrong. Obviously I don't have teenagers, but is this what I have to look forward to?! Or is this a case of a child who really doesn't know right from wrong?


  1. I would have to agree! As you say, not jail but seriously something! If it had been an adult driver who perhaps had had a few too many drinks, the consequences would be much more severe. I don't really see a difference as they're both completely careless acts. Yes she was young, but she is old enough to understand that what she did was careless and totally unacceptable. In my opinion!

  2. Oh yes..i forgot to mention she was well over the legal limit too..

  3. Well that just makes it worse! And to think in 2 years she'll be on the streets with a driving licence and nothing to indicate she had what I would call a major accident. Irrelevant that no-one was injured, the potential was huge and damage to property can be just as serious!

  4. Blimey - I'm really surprised and shocked by this. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive. No wonder you feel angry!

    If you'd like to link this up to my tea and sympathy blog hop for bad days that'd be great!

  5. No repercussions. At all?

    That's shocking. And you say she'd been drinking too? Incredible. She should be banned - you can still be banned from gaining your license even if you haven't got one yet.

  6. Nothing at all.. I couldn't believe it, still can't. In less than 2years she'll be legally driving... doesn't bode well does it?