Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I've gained some Style Confidence!

After a manic morning.. Mr G poorly, I lost the special Festival Place event lanyards, and several tops i had intended to wear were smeared with baby food.. you get the idea..! My good friend K arrived and informed me we were running late for the special Style Confidence Workshop we'd been invited to! Arriving just after the initial introductions we were invited to go straight into the hair consultations with Shear Beauty. This was really helpful and we were shown amongst other things the best way to use hair straighteners to curl as well as straighten! We also had the opportunity to gain make up tips from Smashbox, and the chance to experiment with applying their new eye pallet. 

The most informative, impressive and eagerly anticipated section had to be the advice from Wendy Elsmore and Jason Smith! Sorry Wendy you're photo has come out a bit blurred but you still look superb!

Jason identified our face shapes, which in honesty is something i have often struggled to work out myself. I concluded a while ago my face must be a heart shape, but in fact it turned out to be round, which will make a big difference when I come to chose sunglasses!

Wendy quickly worked out what our body shapes were, and handed us laminated handbag sized reminder cards so we knew what to look for to suit our shape when we're out shopping! I'm a classic pear, I need to look for high waisted skirts and trousers as well as tops which draw the eye to the chest so it balances out my wide hips! Wendy explained what colours would best suit me, with my dark colouring she suggested mustard yellow, teal and olive green as great colours for me and I'm so excited at the thought of buying colour this winter!

As a mother herself, Wendy really emphasised that clothes need to be practical so you can wash them easily and yet stylish so you can still feel fabulous. You really can be a Yummy Mummy! Her top tip was you don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing, if you buy things which don't fit you'll look cheap, if you only buy things which fit you perfectly you'll look a million dollars! 

The event was a great swell to my style confidence! Look out for further posts as I test out the top tips I've gained from the Style Confidence Workshop!

Photographs and Text - All Rights Reserved 2011 Goriami Family


  1. I agree, Wendy and Jason were fabulous! It's so difficult to identify your face shape from the many mags that claim to help you - you really do need someone else to tell you! Once you know your face and body shape - it's much easier to see what colours and styles you should be working with to compliment yourself! A great workshop for all x

  2. Wow what a fabulous event to be invited to, I would love someone to tell me what to wear and how to style my hair - in desperate need of a complete renovation me.
    Great day out