Monday, 18 July 2011

I'm a Magpie!

It's no secret that I love #MagpieMonday! So much so that on Thursday I was tweeting MissLizzie to see if I could post my find right then!! Lizzie being lovely said yes but I decided to try to remember what my Mother taught me...'patience is a virtue..' so sat on my hands for the weekend!
Last weekend I was chatting to a lady who car boots weekly, and we were laughing about my inability to buy anything 'Just for me'. You see, I always seem to buy things which are well, for other people (except my lovely Record Player which is mine, mine, mine!!). As I was chatting to her something shiny caught my eye, I had to pick it up for closer inspection and this is what it was:

I was attracted to the smoothness of it, it shouted 'pick me up' - so inevitably I did and stood running my hand over the lid! It is incredibly dirty - I still haven't got round to cleaning it as I want to ensure I clean it carefully!
I opened the lid and discovered it is a rather attractive travel candle holder, the lady asked me for £2 explaining she had no idea what metal it was or anything else about it, I loved it instantly so £2 was an utter bargain:

 On the bottom is the name 'Stockholm Design House' so when I got home I had to look up the company and was amazed to see it is current stock and called 'The Shell', look at me holding a candle holder from the Stockholm equivalent of the Conran Shop! Ah, I love it, I shall be lovingly cleaning it and giving it pride of place on my bedside table!

Me and My Shadow

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  1. Wow, it's beautiful, what a great find! And the 'clean' version looks amazing on the Stockholm Design House site- you'll have to post a pic of yours after you've given it the once over with the silver polish.
    So delighted you found something just for you too x