Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cancelling Boo's party..I'm not a party pooper!

Boo is turning 3 at the end of June, and we decided he could have a party to celebrate, because of various commitments of Daddy & other parents we decided this weekend was the best to celebrate and so for the last month we have been preparing! Boo's been so excited helping tidy and organise for his party, it's been delightful! 

On Wednesday he came down with a bit of a cold, but nothing too serious so I thought all was well. Until of course last night, when Elvis (aka Baby G - but he does have the hair of Elvis!) started to run a very high temperature. I had forgotten how nasty it is when a baby has a fever and can't explain their ailment. I tried all the usual tricks, stripping him down, calpol, opening windows..and still he was hot! He finally settled at 1am, and then woke in a frenzy at 4am still hot and bothered but in a more manageable state.  I turned to Mr G wondering what we should do about the party, and we decided that we needed to cancel, as ignoring Elvis feeling ill, it wouldn't be fair on the other children to give them a nasty bug.

I contacted all the parents as early as I could and most were totally understanding, sent their warmest wishes..all apart from one..this one parent accused me of not only 'upsetting their child' by cancelling but also suggested I was traumatising Boo. I felt so guilt by this that I wanted to lay down and cry!! I'm also unsure what they really hoped to achieve by being so unpleasant? Spurred on, and racked with guilt (believing perhaps I was going to cause Boo to end up requiring counselling in later life due to this cancellation...) I decided we'd have a fun day and dug out the party food and proceeded to give Boo a day of fun as best I could!

Boo loves to do 'Making' and so for his party I had planned several basic activities involving paint and clay. We used the ELC sponges I had found at a car boot sale a few weeks ago to print on the back of a roll of wallpaper which i had picked up at the Homebase sale for 60pence. It worked out much cheaper than craft paper, and is stronger too!! I think this will make nice wrapping paper for Father's Day...cheaper than buying it too!!

As a special treat today I gave Boo a playdoh set which I'd bought for his birthday, he loves Mr Potato Head, so this little set was a hit! It also meant I could leave him creating his Mr Potato Head masterpiece for ten minutes while I relieved Mr G of Elvis duty!! Sadly the kit is not great for such small hands, and while Boo loved sticking the arms/feet in the playdoh, the actual moulds for creating Mr Potato heads parts went unused (even after several demonstrations from Mr G!). Still, Boo really enjoyed himself and created these:

Then it was time for an obligatory ramble in the lego box, nothing unusual for Boo as he loves his lego, but he wanted me to photograph his latest structure so I thought I'd share it, if only so I can look back on it and see the differences in his lego creations as months go on!

We finished the day watching Kung Foo Panda, thanks to BBC 1 which made a normal play day at home extra special (especially when combined with Jelly & ice-cream!).

Elvis is full of cold, and is still running a temperature, so I know I made the right decision in cancelling the party, it's just a shame another parent couldn't see my reasoning.


  1. Loving Boo's artwork and hope Elvis is better soon - ignore that daft parent...sounds like you all had a wonderful day together and that's what matters xx

  2. Aww thank you, yes Elvis is feeling loads better xx