Friday, 20 May 2011

Sargies Cornish Kitchen Moreish Meringues & Luxurious Lemon Curd!

I was delighted to receive some treats from Sargies Cornish Kitchen and even more delighted when I saw meringues and lemon curd! I love both, and had to resist the urge to open and try them right away! Instead I decided to save them for a moment when i could really enjoyed them, and enjoy them I did!

 I have always loved meringues, I can remember being 6years old, and begging my father to make some on a Sunday afternoon. I don't think he has ever excelled at baking, but certainly his meringues were always special, and interestingly he hasn't made any for about 10years which ties in with when he stopped keeping chickens. Sargies only use free-range eggs sourced from the West Country, and the meringues are hand piped for a really special finish. We all really enjoyed these meringues, they had the perfect blend of crunchiness combined with a slightly chewy centre. They were perfect, not to hard to bite but did not crumble too easily either, certainly the best I have tasted in a long time! What better way to enjoy them than with strawberries?

I decided to give the Lemon Curd a tough taste challenge, but tasting it on a spoon, though I must confess this was mainly because when I opened the jar it smelt so divine I couldn't wait to try it! I was delighted to find a light consistency, it really was quite special! Infact the lemon curd is made using the yolks seperated from the eggs used to make the meringues, so all part of a very special process!

 I'm not the greatest at cooking, but I decided to have a go at baking with the lemon curd. I made a small batch of fairy cakes and added some of the lemon curd to the cake mix. I then attempted to use the remaining lemon curd to make icing,  Now I admit they are not beautiful to look at, partly as Boo works on the basis of 'more is more' and mainly because presentation is not my strong point, but they tasted divine! (They were gone within 30minutes with Mr G and Boo fighting for the last one!

Sargies is a small family business based in Bude, North Cornwall. They sell a small but luxurious range of products, and you can find them in 19 branches of Morrisons in the SouthWest and also these stockists. I wish I lived a little closer as they offer a tasty looking range of  'ready meals' which look ideal for days when you want to impress but simply don't have time to cook. Or if you really want a treat you can rent a chef!