Sunday, 1 May 2011

Magpie Monday..I've given in!

I have a confession, I love a bargain..and when I say a bargain, I actually mean..I love shopping for things which are pre-loved...!
I have for several years loved charity shopping, but i must confess when Mr G first suggested us going to a carboot sale..I cringed..I had visions of wrong I was! I think however, Mr G wishes he had never introduced me to car they are now a staple part of family life!

I didn't know quite what to show you here are just a few treasures I found this morning:

 This is most definitely an amateur oil painting, but I loved it and could see it hanging happily in my hall reminding me of a childhood growing up in the forest. At £5 I knew instantly it was coming home with me!

Ok I'm showing my age with this one....a 1984 cake tin and 'carebear topper mould' in more or less perfect condition..I loved the Care Bears! and as soon as i saw this I did a weird little hopping dance! and even more so when the lady wanted 50pence!!

Boo sometimes gets quite spoilt at car boots, and today was no exception! I picked this up which I will put in the rainy day box:

 They are brand new, still sealed the box is immaculate and still ELC labelled £6...I paid £1!

I also picked up a Le Toy Van construction set with workers for £1.50 and a big basket of ELC play food (most of it looked new) for 50pence.

Mr G is rarely impressed with my bargains these days, as he complains I clutter the house up...(I do..and then i carboot them again so someone else can enjoy a bargain!) But he was delighted with this purchase which is very useful:

A post box! Hoorah! In need of a little TLC but at 50p I can live with it!


  1. Ooooh You're good!

    Great kids toy bargains. Always amazes me how cheap some people sell their toys at boot sales. Those sponges are fab.

    Love the cake tin too - how funny. I remember seeing the Care Bear film at the cinema.

    Thanks for joining in, the linky will be up shortly :0)

  2. Love the painting. Where does that path lead ? Didn't manage to get to a car boot sale this week but hopefully next week when hubby is not working.
    Love the post box too and 50p Woop!

  3. The painting reminds me very much of one that an old male friend did for my mother many moons ago. It is absolutely lovely.
    I love the postbox and cannot believe what you paid.
    My finds ar over at

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments :) x

  5. Love that Care Bear cake mould!! :)

  6. Mr TM is keen to buy cheap art, original paintings that you love are the best art to buy! who cares who painted it if you love it! Well done, some fab finds.

  7. Oh what lovely finds, I'm yet to get to a car's on my to do list ;) x