Sunday, 15 May 2011

Magpie Monday - Written on Sunday!

I'm a bit over excited by todays finds, so I have to write this post right now! Boo and Baby G decided to wake up ludicrously early this morning, so Mr G & I decided to head out early to check out the bargains!
I was glad we did as I ended up buying some beautiful baby clothes 3 items for £1 - all Next, John Lewis etc and looked brand new! And Boo got some t-shirts at 50p each..though I must confess most of these are too big for this year as they are age 4/5 and he's not yet 3!
Must first really exciting purchase was this Moon Sand set, New and Sealed £2! Perfect for the Christmas box for Boo!

 Next I found some gorgeous waterproof salopettes, I've refused to buy any until now, as they were to ugly to spend a considerable amount of money on..even if they are useful! I managed to pick up two fantastic brightly coloured pairs which will hopefully see us through (dare I say it..) winter 2011/12 and after a good wash they look as good as new!

Finally, while I do not wish to seem like I am obsessed with the postman, or where my post is deposited, I could not leave this beauty behind! A genuine US Mail Box, brand new still boxed with all the sticky numbers, screws and best still the little indicator which the postman clicks up if you have post! I love it! No idea where I shall put it or even if the postman is "allowed" to put our post in it, but it filled me with images of living on a texan Ranch! £4 and it was mine!

Hope everyone had as good a day bargain hunting as me!

Me and My Shadow


  1. Oooooh I'd love a mailbox like that. How cool! Mmm good point - I wonder if they are allowed to deliver it to there or not. There's probably a Royal Mail edict which says they can't (doesn't blooming well stop them leaving my parcels on the doorstep though!).

    Great buy with the Moon Sand, and the waterproofs - imaging the sledging fun in the winter.

    Thanks so much for joining in with Magpie Monday x

  2. OMG...I Love the post box! I dont have a letter box on my front door so my postie puts all mine in my post box that I have on my wall outside. Love the US style ones...Fab bargain!

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  4. We're the same - no letterbox, but a post box on the wall outside! The US one is incredible though, am beyond jealous!! What a great find!

    Loving the Moon Sand too....and can't wait to see pics of you and Mr G in the salopettes when it comes to winter....Sledging - hope you've got the huskies in training ;)

    Please put up the post box so I can come round and visit it - I promise to bring presents to go in it!

  5. Can see why you love the postbox. Hopefully you have a postie who shares the love and won't make up some crazy health and safety edict about why they can't use it! (erm, could be rabid squirrels nesting inside, or similar)

  6. I adore the post box wonder if people even in the Staes dare use them in case they are broken into?
    Good buy with the Moon sand.