Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Creating with Boo..

Boo will be 3 at the end of June, and he has suddenly discovered a love for art & craft! This is no bad thing in my eyes, as I enjoy seeing his creations too! On occassion I have to stop myself from saying 'Oh no not like that!' and remember that like any imaginative play, the whole point of it is to stimulate HIS imagination!

My Mother had her Birthday on Monday and my sisters (they're twins) have a Birthday tomorrow, so I wanted Boo to have a go at making something for them. He suprised me by being very calm and quiet while making their gifts, and happily sat making 'flowers'. This idea is a simple but effective one, which I must admit isn't mine - whoever it was that tweeted about it I'm sorry I can't remember who you are but, Thank you!

We used: Craft (lolly) sticks
               Foam Shapes (From 'The Range' a decent sized bag was £1)
               PVA Glue

This led onto Boo wanting to create 'Puppets' as he'd seen some on Mister Maker.. luckily I had picked up some sticky googly eyes in the ELC sale! Before I knew it Boo had created an amazing Pig (though i had to 'make' the ears i wasn't to touch the rest) and Grandad..

So feeling brave we decided to tackle some air dry clay this morning! I had in mind that we'd make something for Easter and thought we'd make clay eggs and roll them in glitter so they looked like this:

However, I'd forgotten that Boo is only 2, and eggs aren't the easiest shapes to make, and nor are they very exciting to mould and Boo prefered to flatten the clay!

Eventually he got the idea to mould it like he would playdoh, and wanted to make a giant chicken..after I explained this may be a little ambitious he settled on making a 'monster' by creating a monster shape and pushing bits of foam, googly-eyes and pom poms into the clay thanks to Nurture Store for their help during #playfest for ideas! Here is 'Big Monster' todays finished project (and Mr Hamster on the left!):

It has amazed me how working in a different medium has been so much harder, Boo finds sticking so easy but I guess this is because he already has half the ideas there (a circle might look like a ball or face) where with clay he requires more input as it doesn't have the bright colours offered by playdoh to stimulate his imagination either so it is a totally blank canvas! I'll blog our further attempts!


  1. I think it's a fabulous idea to introduce new materials every so often - new textures to explore, new challenges, new ways to be creative. Lovely monster!