Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Sweets which time forgot...

As a child my favourite day was Sunday, in the morning my father would take me with him to buy his newspaper, and then allow me to choose a quarter of my favourite sweets from one of the large glass jars displayed on high shelves behind the counter of the newsagents. There was something very special about watching the elderly man who ran the shop climb up onto his step ladder to reach down the jar, then the sound of the sweets clinking into the silver bowl on the scales, followed by the joy of being handed a paper bag filled with whatever sugary treats I'd carefully chosen!

This was the late 1980's, in the days when most shops still closed on a Sunday and this that were open closed at lunch time. With the growth of supermarkets, extended opening hours, little corner shops declined. I was disappointed 3years ago when I decided to to take a trip down memory lane to visit my favourite sweet shop, to discover it had closed several years before. It then occurred to me, where would my children experience these small pleasures? and more to the point, where on earth was I going to be able to buy aniseed balls and pear drops - the sweets time forgot.

I came across BAHHUMBUGS by accident while chatting to a friend on twitter, instantly I loved the company name and had to investigate who they were. Set up in Yorkshire in 2004, Bah Humbugs has gone from a retro sweet shop in the Dales, to a renowned online retro sweet specialist. Why a specialist? I hear you cry! Well, if you like liquorice you NEED to get onto their site and have a look! Alongside the more familiar Bassett 'Basseti' and moreish liquorice comfits there are more sophisticated versions including the unusual Cherry & Chilli Liquorice

If you don't like liquorice, do not fear, there is plenty more! I delighted in seeing Barley Sugar and Acid Drops which I remember from trips to the seaside - who could make their sweet last longest...(never me!) They also sell the tins of travel sweets which my sisters and i used to fight over as we all wanted to be first to reveal the icing sugar inside the tin travel sweets.
For those who prefer the brighter colours provided by the packaging of the sweets of the 80's there is a selection of Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Wham bars to name but a few! These colourful wrappers bring back memories of carebears and the parties i enjoyed as a child, and seemingly Bah Humbugs remember such happy times too, as they sell delightful Party Bags with option to personalise the labels - what a lovely idea, I will certainly be remembering this for my eldest son this summer!

They have a fabulous selection of gift ideas, including a really reasonably priced Retro Sweet Hamper full of 1970-80's favourites or the fabulous Retro Jar which gives a real old fashioned sweet shop feel to a gift (and the option for them to refill it when it runs out - especially if you treat them to a Gift Voucher!
If you have certain sweets in mind to give as a gift, but can't see them already in a gift package, they also offer the option to create your own small hamper - by selecting 5 varieties of your favourite sweets to be included, this I think is fantastic as I know personally I enjoy a good variety of sweets!

So whether you seek something as a gift, a weekend treat, or an old favourite take some time to have a look at: www.bahhumbugs.com and indulge in the sweets which time forgot.

N.B. I received goods but no payment for the writing of this post, all view are honest and based on my own thoughts and experiences of the company.


  1. Sounds amazing!! I am off to investigate the website..!!! x

  2. Ooooh delicious!!! I need to find some crispettes! I tracked them down to one shop in Edinburgh but hopefully this site will have them! <3




  3. Ooh I now feel the urge to google crispettes as i have no idea what they are! Thanks for the comments :)